GRIHA V.2019

Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment

General Instructions

  • Login username and password will be generated and sent, after project initiation, to the email ID that has been provided in the registration form.
  • Password can be re-generated using the registered email ID.
  • In order to update the registered email ID, an email is required to be sent to, specifying the project code along with an authorization letter from the client.
  • A maximum of 3 login attempts are allowed, after which the entry of an incorrect password would lead to the account being blocked.
  • In order to un-block an account, the project code or user ID along with the registered email ID is required to be entered in the "UNBLOCK ACCOUNT" tab. A new password will subsequently be sent to the registered email ID.

DISCLAIMER : If project teams encounter any issues in the functioning of the panel, please write it to us on


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